Newborn Session Preparation Guide

Before your session

  • Be sure you have filled out your pre-session questionnaire. This will help me prepare your sets and props for your session.
  • When baby arrives please contact me within the first few days to confirm your appointment. All newborn sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday at 10am ONLY. Please be prepared to make arrangements with work/school if necessary. Babies are best photographed between 10-21 days old
  • Please do not schedule other appointments for the day of the session- before or after. This allows for a more relaxed day and will not overwhelm you or baby.

Day of your session

  • Feed baby as usual all morning.
  • Give baby a bath and dress him in a sleeper or any item of clothing that does not have to go over the head. No socks.
  • Do not use and lotions or creams on baby's skin to avoid any unexpected rashes or reactions. Also, it makes them slippery. ;) Flaking, peeling skin and baby acne are normal and will not effect our session.

During your session

  • The studio is located at 367 Private Road 3560 Hallsville, TX 75650. Use the code 6812# at the red gate at the end of the private road. The gate to our driveway will be open. There is a flag pole right before our driveway on the left. Park near the carport; the studio is the building to the left of the house under the carport.
  • Please remove your shoes at the door. This helps keep my studio floor clean and tidy for little ones.
  • There is not a bathroom in the studio, but if needed you may use the one located inside the house.
  • Limit your accompanying party to your immediate family only (mom, dad, siblings). If I will be photographing baby only, you may bring one helper (grandma, aunt, friend, etc.) if both parents will not be attending.
  • Family will be photographed first (Collection I only or if you have chosen the family/sibling add on) so that if there are siblings they may leave with one parent, other family member, or friend/sitter after they are finished if you'd like.
  • If baby needs to be fed upon your arrival, please remove her clothing and feed baby as you wish. If baby does not need to be fed I will take baby from car seat to be wrapped or dressed and we will begin immediately.
  • We will take plenty of breaks for feeding and soothing. Be prepared to feed on demand. Moving and repositioning him expends lots of energy and baby may become hungrier more often than usual. If baby is bottle fed please bring more formula or expressed milk than you think you may need. If bottle fed I prefer to feed them myself so that I may continue with the session immediately after. However, if you prefer to feed baby yourself, you are welcome to do so. Feed baby in anyway you are comfortable. We are a breast, formula, pumping, SNS, etc. feeding friendly studio.
  • Feel free to sit back and relax while you watch your baby being photographed. I may ask for assistance occasionally- handing me an item or spotting baby in a prop or pose. Don't worry, I will talk you through it. Bring drinks, snacks, a charger for your phone, and anything you'd like to pass the time.
  • You are welcome to take behind the scenes photos with your cell phone. Please tag Felicia Dawn Photography if you post any to social media.


What should we wear?

This is the one that usually causes the most stress, but don't worry, I'm here to help.

Keep it simple. Neutral colors, no logos or words, and stay away from neon or right colors. Classic tees, jeans, and flowy lace shirts or dresses are the perfect combo.

White and black are usually the easiest, but you could also combine colors that compliment each other. White, light blue, and pink. Navy, maroon, and tan. Sage, ivory and blush.

Another option- skin-to-skin. Jeans and no shirt for dad and brothers. Mom, a strapless bra or nude cami is perfect for this look.

Still not sure of what to wear? Contact me by email or text and I will help you with shopping or picking something from your closet.

Do you provide the props for baby?

Yes! I have plenty of props, outfits, hats, headbands, wraps, backdrops, etc. to choose from. You will only need to bring clothing for yourself and/or siblings. (Though I will be working on building a selection to provide these in our client closet.)

Can I bring my own props?

Props I provide are made specifically for newborn photography. These are the perfect size and have been tested for safety by myself and/or the vendor. These are purchased to reflect my photographic style.

If you have a specific prop or family heirloom you'd like to bring you are more than welcome to, but please let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

How long does it take to recieve our gallery?

This varies. During busy seasons (Spring and Fall) my turnaround time can be up to 6 weeks. During slower times of the year you can receive your gallery within just a couple of weeks or less. Please feel free to ask about the current turnaround time.